At UAL we are committed to educating our students about intellectual property. We recognise that is imperative for all of our students, who are working towards a career in the creative industry, to understand both how to protect their work, and how to legally make use of, or avoid infringing other people’s work. We do this through lectures, workshops and events as well as this online educational resource. We are also a member of the Intellectual Property Awareness Network.

This website was produced by Dr Hayleigh Bosher on behalf of the Careers and Employability department at the University of the Arts London. This resource is aimed at the creative students attending all six of the UAL Colleges,  to help them understand more about the intellectual property relating to their creative field.

The written content on this website is freely available for anyone to share, as long as you attribute the work back to us, this is under a creative commons 3.0 licence.

All the images on this website are copyright protected, therefore you cannot share or copy them. This would constitute copyright infringement (unless you are using the work within the benefit of a copyright exception). All of the images and visuals on this website are works created by UAL students and alumni and form part of the UAL collection. If you would like to use one of the images you should contact the creator for the appropriate licence.

This website is an educational resource and does not constitute legal advice. If you require legal advice please contact a lawyer, or find details of pro bono and other IP legal services here.

This website is based on the laws of England and Wales and is updated regularly. We aim to keep this website up to date as possible, however, please be aware that intellectual property law is constantly evolving and therefore constantly changing.

For website related queries please email our web coordinator, Dr Hayleigh Bosher :