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Cultural Appropriation

featured image: Bazaar in the Stockholm Stock Exchange 1885 in favor of Artur Hazelius and the Nordic Museum. The participants are dressed in ancient Nordic costumes.   By Brigitte Vézina, Intellectual Property and Cultural Heritage Advisor at Brigitte Vézina – Law & Culture Have you ever thought about cultural appropriation and what it means for your creative practice? Read on to find out how to identify it and avoid it. How can I tell if it’s cultural appropriation? First of all, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about what the term “cultural appropriation” really means. The...

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Reputation: Taylor Swift’s protections under American and English Defamation Law

“Now we’ve got problems / and I don’t think we can solve them” (without lawyers…) The right to freedom of expression is not an absolute right: there are certain restrictions in place to protect an individual’s reputation. But those restrictions vary significantly, depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re on. Considering the shared legal traditions of the United States and Great Britain, their differences on the issue of free speech is surprising.  In early September, PopFront published an article entitled “Swiftly to the alt-right: Taylor subtly gets the lower case kkk in formation.” Exploring the singer’s (somewhat convoluted, if not contrived) connections...

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Passing off explained

The law of passing off is a complicated business but it needs to be considered where trade marks have not been registered. Where you believe that someone is unlawfully using your (unregistered) trade mark, there are three elements that you have to prove if you want to show infringement (and convince that other party to stop using it). These are goodwill, misrepresentation and damage. The recent case of Redwood Tree Services v Redwood Tree Surgeons is helpful in elaborating on these points. Both parties ran tree surgery businesses in Surrey. The court held that as the claimant had been operating in...

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Film Finance

Watch these videos to learn more about film finance… Film finance: An overview   Film finance: An overview on Vimeo. Film Finance (full)   Film Finance (full)  on...

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Fashion Videos and Podcasts

Here you will find some interesting videos and podcasts on all things fashion and IP Fashion Design – Free inspiration or worth protecting? Fashion Design – Free inspiration or worth protecting? on Vimeo. How to develop a fashion brand using your intellectual property How to develop a fashion brand using your intellectual property onVimeo. Fashion Business Partnerships: IP as an Asset Fashion Business Partnerships: IP as an Asset on Vimeo.   Building a Fashion Brand: Podcast Buliding a Fashion Brand Podcast on Vimeo. Fashion Contracts Podcast Fashion Contracts Podcast on...

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