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How can I protect my ideas when meeting prospective clients?

It is important before entering into negotiations with any third parties or prospective clients to be aware of how your work or idea is or might already be protected by the various intellectual property (IP) rights which exist. Confidential information Your ideas may be protected under the law of confidential information. Information about your idea will be considered to be ‘confidential information’ if: it is of a confidential nature: This means that your idea must be non-trivial, have commercial value and not already be public knowledge before you go to any meeting; and it is communicated in confidence: This...

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A seriously animated business

Indian animation talent is the toast of Hollywood. But is this really good news for local content creation or is it just symptomatic of the outsourcing boom? Arun Katiyar reports from India. In late October 2008, Yash Raj Films released Roadside Romeo, a big-budget 3D animation film made in India. The movie, which is a Walt Disney Pictures co-production, was animated at a division of India-based Tata Elxsi. For anyone familiar with the names involved, the implications were clear: the movie was to be a launchpad for the Indian animation business. Success here could spell vast changes in an industry...

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Artists’ Remedies – copyright or contract?

The Story For some 8 years Cardrax and Sue Deakin enjoyed an amicable and mutually beneficial business relationship. Last year they became embroiled in a high profile Court case which led not only to the irretrievable breakdown of that relationship but also to great financial strain and enormous legal fees and a great deal of emotional stress on both sides. Ms Sue Deakin is an artist and illustrator whose experience includes illustrating children’s books and providing characters and accompanying designs (eg stars, swirls, squiggles etc) for greetings cards and other such products. Cardrax is a company which designs and...

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Development Agreements – What Do They Mean For My Idea?

This briefing note is aimed at prospective creative talent who intend to pursue a career in producing programmes and is intended to inform this audience of the key elements in what is typically the first stage of having a programme idea brought to life- from the proposal of your idea to providing development work under a Development Agreement to further your idea into a potential programme for broadcast. Purpose of a Development Agreement: A Development Agreement is a contract in which it is expressly agreed that you will develop and further your programme idea into something more tangible to...

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Fashion and copyright

Copyright doesn’t protect fashion, by Iona Harding, Associate Solicitor at Baker & McKenzie LLP “Copyright doesn’t protect fashion” is a statement frequently bandied around, however what is meant is that in the UK at least it is difficult to protect a garment using fashion. Our closed list common law system means that unless a garment can be said to fall into one of the eight protected categories, it cannot be protected. A garment could be said to be an original artistic work: a work of artistic craftsmanship. Case law is not in favour of this argument as a string of cases demonstrate how...

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