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Copyright Myth Busting!

True or false: “You can use 5 notes from a song without infringing copyright,” “If you change 12 things of someone else’s work it’s not infringement” ? This is actually one of the most common copyright myths that float around. Copyright infringement is based on quality not quantity of what is taken! Copyright can seem like a mystery and there are quite a few common misconceptions, but don’t worry. Here are two useful resources to help you bust those copyright myths! And, over on there are a series of myth reality cards, here. Image: Lucy...

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IP for Freelancers

More and more creatives are working freelance. As a freelancer in any creative field it is vital that you understand your intellectual property rights. One of the most common issues in freelancing is about ownership. Usually, if you create something in the course of employment the creation belongs to the employer (depending on your employment contract of course.) However, as a freelancer this is not the case and you can retain ownership of your work. It is a good idea to set out in an agreement or contract who owns what before you do the work as it is...

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Performers Rights

As a performer there are right which protect your performances, however these are slightly different from the other types of intellectual property (IP). Performer’s right last 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which the performance took place. Under the UK law there are two different types of rights for performers; a property right and a non-property right. The non-property right means that a performer has a right against recordings of live performances made without their permission. These rights cannot be assigned to anyone else and if the right is infringed it is considered a breach...

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Copyright: The Basics

What is Copyright anyway? Copyright is a type of intellectual property right that protects things such as books, films, music, photographs. In fact it protects any original literary, artistic, dramatic,or musical works, as well as sound recordings, broadcasts and typographical arrangements.   Why should I Care about Copyright? As a creative, there are two key reasons why it is important for you to understand copyright. Firstly, so that you can understand your rights in protecting and licensing your own creative outputs – the idea is that you are able to make money from your creations so you can continue...

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