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Fashion Videos and Podcasts

Here you will find some interesting videos and podcasts on all things fashion and IP Fashion Design – Free inspiration or worth protecting? Fashion Design – Free inspiration or worth protecting? on Vimeo. How to develop a fashion brand using your intellectual property How to develop a fashion brand using your intellectual property onVimeo. Fashion Business Partnerships: IP as an Asset Fashion Business Partnerships: IP as an Asset on Vimeo.   Building a Fashion Brand: Podcast Buliding a Fashion Brand Podcast on Vimeo. Fashion Contracts Podcast Fashion Contracts Podcast on...

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The IP Guide to… Advertising & Marketing

Advertising and marketing are big business. An effective advertising campaign can make the difference for a product between success and failure, so, it’s no surprise that there are a variety of intellectual property (IP) issues involved in this field. The main ones are: copyright; trade marks; design rights; passing off; and protection of confidential information Copyright Copyright law gives basic protection to advertising and marketing work from unauthorised copying. It applies to literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works; sound recordings; films; broadcast and typographical arrangements. Protection arises automatically and requires no registration. The creator of the advertising or marketing...

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The IP Guide to… Visual Art

If you are in business as a visual artist, this guide is for you! The purpose of this guide is to provide businesses and artists with a basic understanding of their intellectual property (IP) rights in order to enhance their chance of business success. Each relevant IP right is considered, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, and pitfalls to watch out for. In this IP Guide, visual arts are deemed to be creations of visual works such as drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures or print making. The discipline includes fine arts as well as applied or decorative arts and crafts. In...

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Licensing: The Basics

What is a licence? A licence is a limited permission for another person to use your IP rights. It is a contract between the rights holder and the licensee whereby the rights holder consents for the licensee to do certain acts in exchange for some form of remuneration. Licensing is a very flexible way of exploiting IP because the parties to a contract are generally free to agree the terms they choose, depending on their commercial objectives. It is prudent to have these terms in writing so that both parties can be certain of the rights and obligations that...

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The IP Guide to… Industrial design

Industrial design brings together the aesthetics and the usability of mass produced products. These are engineered in order to improve their commercial appeal. Examples of famously successful industrially designed products include the Apple iPhone and the Bugatti Veyron car. The market in these goods is keenly competitive and growing all the time, particularly in the consumer electronics field. Protecting your IP rights is essential to ensure you make the most out of your design. There are various relevant IP rights. This guide will consider design rights and registered designs; copyright; patents; and trade marks Design You can protect property...

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